A Tale of Two Besties

The name 'Sew Flowie' came into existence long before I had an idea for a clothing brand. Does anyone else have a best friend that you do everything with? Even people that have known my bestie and I for years get our names confused all the time; Sofia and Chloe. Eventually we decided to call ourselves 'Clofia' so people could call us by one name and avoid confusion. One day we explained this to a magical little fairy who said ''oooh yes or you could be soflowie!''

Years later, whilst I was doing my usual trip around Asia avoiding the dreaded British winter, I was in my favorite little town in India working with some old local friends designing performance clothing for me and my girl gang ✻The BoomPuffs✻ back home to perform in over the festival season. I wanted to create some cotton items that were fire safe for our shows and also secure enough for aerial performances. Whilst I was blissfully in my happy little place the world quickly fell into dismay when the corona virus struck, I had to abandon my sweet travels and fly home immediately. Festivals and events were cancelled and suddenly I no longer required my bag of freshly designed outfits so one day I decided to put a few items on Etsy and what started as a grain of sand turned into my own tropical paradise. Sew Flowie was born, a twist on mine and my besties names was suddenly the perfect fit as a clothing brand focused on items predominantly made with the flow community in mind ♡

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